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5 Trends for Logo Design in 2020

We are living in a rapidly increasing technical era, products and new brands are launching every second of a day. What you need to remember in this highly competitive age is your brand’s reputation. We know that maintaining the brand’s reputation with modern and latest trends will not only give an impeccable position to your business but also helps you attract more customers towards your products and services. A memorable, creative and stunning logo design can be a buzz in your marketing tactics. Creating a logo is such a hefty job to do as it needs lots of expertise and experience.

Having a good logo design assists businesses in different manners. It creates impressions and makes you as a reputable and well-run brand. To get attention to your products or services or even towards skills, creativity, graphics and advertisement all above things together develops a buzz and assist businesses to achieve their business goals. But, when it comes to choosing an expert logo design company, people should go with the professionals and trending in the market.

Let’s check 5 Trends for Logo Design in 2020

  1. Creative Typography:
    It helps today’s businesses to start with something amazing that has never expected or done before. In this designing technique the skills of a writer matter most, but giving the best of design is a must need of today’s competitive edge. In this technique, whatever mood you go with while designing either silly or serious, it is one of the best adaptive styles drive to develop creative and engaging visuals to get people’s attention. Along with different benefits, it also providers a large room to play around with different concepts to offer an image to a logo. If you love artistic values, then this design technology is for you,

2. Subtle Animations:
Few years ago, animated logos were not must more accepted by the people. But with the changing mindset of people businesses has also changed their way of logo presentation. In this era of social sites, it has become a lot easier for grabbing the attention of customers by using animated logos. So, always have a space for subtle animated logos.

3. Geometric Shapes
Typography is not only limited to the logo design features these days. The perfect shapes utilized in logos have recently got fame among the people who like geometrical shapes with a less-is-more method. When you see the profits of this logo design approach like versatile branding, you get ideals, modern concepts and visibility – it clarifies that we are predicting much more this year.

4. Metaphoric Logo Concepts:
Metaphors capture the attention randomly, with their awesome design. Metaphoric designs have been in trend for the last few years. Now in 2020 the expected growth and development of logos with metaphors is very high. To get a unique perspective, thoughtful ideas and amuse minds with curiosity you should move to metaphoric logo design concepts.

5. Colorful & Vivid Logos:
Grabbing attention with colourful and vivid logos is an awesome way of branding your products. Nike, Dior, Apple, YouTube and many other big brands are using the same frame of work with different colours i.e. using vibrant and vivid colours.

Contributed by Lionel Jacob. Lionel is a logo designer who stepped into the field of designing by a chance. He started liking it when people started appreciating his skill and quality. He is known to get projects done fast and without errors. His aim always remains to have code coherence and ease of understanding. To know more about his work, visit:


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